Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Vor der Prüfung

Sometimes, the best things in life are unplanned.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monday, 29 August 2011

Studiere, studiere...

Aber mit neuer Haarschnitt :D

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Baby's on fire

What a day it was yesterday...
And I've come to the conclusion that this pictured right down also happens the other way around xD

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Das ist alles, ich denke an...

Friday, 26 August 2011

Let's fade together...

... let's fade forever...

So far away... Come on, I'll take you far away
Let's get away, come on let's make a getaway

Once you have loved someone this much you doubt it could fade despite how much you'd like it to
God, how you'd like it, you'd like it to fade...

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Home Alone

That's how I'd love to be...

Monday, 22 August 2011


How I love this cover art by Annie Leibovitz...

Sunday, 21 August 2011


"Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Peter Sellers", by Albert Hammond, Jr.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday nights

Sometimes, they are not that cool...

A night to remember

Surrounded by school friends...

I hope they don't tell me off tomorrow morning when they find out the time when I got home :S

Friday, 19 August 2011


Text must be read while listening to the music from the video above, and picturing the shops on the streets of New York waking up while heading for a Starbucks Coffee.

"What will NY152 say today, I wonder.
I turn on my computer.
I wait impatiently as it connects.
I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words:
"You've got mail."
I hear nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart...
I have mail. From you."

- Kathleen Kelly, You've got mail (Nora Ephron, 1998)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

This is my truth, tell me yours

Parce que ces choses n'arrivent que dans les films... N'est-ce pas?


"It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution."

"The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold.
The curves of your lips rewrite history."

- Oscar Wilde
(from The Picture of Dorian Gray, ch. 8 & 20)


Wyatt - Now for the first time I know exactly what I want, and who. And that's the damnable misery of it... What makes a man like Ringo, Doc? What makes him do the things he does?

Doc - A man like Ringo got a great empty hole right through the middle of him. He can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.

- What does he need?

- Revenge.

- For what?

- Bein' born.

- It all happened so fast with Curly Bill... I didn't really have time to think about it, but I've had plenty of time to think about this... I can't beat him, can I?

- No. Wait, I'm goin' with ya.
(He starts coughing and can't get up.)
Oh, God. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Wyatt...

- It's all right, Doc.

Tombstone (George P. Cosmatos, 1993)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Streets of Philadelphia

I was bruised and battered, I couldn't tell what I felt, I was unrecognizable to myself
I saw my reflection in a window, I didn't know my own face
Oh brother are you gonna leave me wastin' away
on the Streets of Philadelphia

I walked the avenue 'til my legs felt like stone,
I heard the voices of friends vanished and gone,
at night I could hear the blood in my veins, just black and whispering as the rain,
on the Streets of Philadelphia

Ain't no angel gonna greet me, it's just you and I my friend...
My clothes don't fit me no more, I walked a thousand miles just to slip this skin

The night has fallen, I'm lyin' awake, I can feel myself fading away,
So receive me brother with your faithless kiss, or will we leave each other alone like this
on the Streets of Philadelphia

Say anything...

- I got a question. If you guys know so much about women, how come you're here at like the Gas 'n' Sip on a Saturday night completely alone drinking beers with no women anywhere?

- ... By choice, man!

Say Anything, (Cameron Crowe, 1989)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Persecutory delusions

Also bipolar disorder and self-victimization for manipulating others or attention seeking.
Have you ever heard about Münchausen syndrome or cognitive distortion?

Just give it time and it will prove itself that you suffer from everything cited above...
And I couldn't care less, es ist genug und du verdienst nichts.

Gute Nacht, schlaf gut und träumst mit kleinen Engeln :)

First Evening (Première Soirée)

Her clothes were almost off;
Outside, a curious tree
Beat a branch at the window
To see what it could see.

Perched on my enormous easy chair,
Half nude, she clasped her hands.
Her feet trembled on the floor,
As soft as they could be.

I watched as a ray of pale light,
Trapped in the tree outside,
Danced from her mouth
To her breast, like a fly on a flower.

I kissed her delicate ankles.
She had a soft, brusque laugh
That broke into shining crystals -
A pretty little laugh.

Her feet ducked under her chemise;
"Will you please stop it!…"
But I laughed at her cries -
I knew she really liked it.

Her eye trembled beneath my lips;
They closed at my touch.
Her head went back; she cried:
"Oh, really! That's too much!

"My dear, I'm warning you…"
I stopped her protest with a kiss
And she laughed, low -
A laugh that wanted more than this…

Her clothes were almost off;
Outside, a curious tree
Beat a branch at the window
To see what it could see.

- Elle était fort déshabillée
Et de grands arbres indiscrets
Aux vitres jetaient leur feuillée
Malinement, tout près, tout près.

Assise sur ma grande chaise,
Mi-nue, elle joignait les mains.
Sur le plancher frissonnaient d'aise
Ses petits pieds si fins, si fins

- Je regardai, couleur de cire
Un petit rayon buissonnier
Papillonner dans son sourire
Et sur son sein, - mouche ou rosier

- Je baisai ses fines chevilles.
Elle eut un doux rire brutal
Qui s'égrenait en claires trilles,
Un joli rire de cristal

Les petits pieds sous la chemise
Se sauvèrent : "Veux-tu en finir!"
- La première audace permise,
Le rire feignait de punir !

- Pauvrets palpitants sous ma lèvre,
Je baisai doucement ses yeux :
- Elle jeta sa tête mièvre
En arrière : "Oh! C'est encor mieux!...

"Monsieur, j'ai deux mots à te dire..."
- Je lui jetai le reste au sein
Dans un baiser, qui la fit rire
D'un bon rire qui voulait bien.....

- Elle était fort déshabillée
Et de grands arbres indiscrets
Aux vitres jetaient leur feuillée
Malinement, tout près, tout près

- Arthur Rimbaud

Monday, 15 August 2011

Wise words

"Now the pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds me, reminds us that while we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one. In light of recent events the bonds of friendship we made this year will be more important than ever."

- Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cocteau Twins

And now I already miss you all...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Today's plan

Mexican dinner.

Swimming pool.

Cool cocktails with coconut milk.


More swimming pool.

More cool cocktails.

Sleepover party.

And tomorrow, more fun at the beach :)

Friday, 12 August 2011


Friends that show up without notice at your home craving for something to do FTW.

Tijuana bibles

Post moved here.

Three Imaginary Boys

When words won't come out... Let Robert Smith speak for you.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Today's good news

After a copious Chinese dinner, and the fact that we didn't take a bath at some friend's swimming pool nor watch a film on dvd, this is the best news I could have today before going to sleep...

"Muse to begin recording sixth album in September"
Muse will enter the studio to begin recording the follow-up to their 2009 fifth album 'The Resistance' in September.
Bass player Chris Wolstenholme said that the trio will be heading straight in to the studio after they headline Reading And Leeds Festivals at the end of August. The bassist said of the band's recording plans: "September and October, that's when we're going to get into the studio to start writing the new album."


Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Que se te ocurra una melodía chula y darte cuenta en ese preciso momento de que no tienes instalado el Guitar Pro para poder transcribirla y trabajar con ella sin hacer ruido para no despertar a toda la familia, y que además tu hermano se haya descargado todo lo descargable y ha llegado al límite del servidor de descargas para poder bajártelo...
No tiene precio ¬¬

Lebkuchen heart herz cookie Oktoberfestherzen gingerbread dummkopf german corazón alemán galleta jengibre deutsch

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The People's Poet is dead!

"This house will become a shrine! And punks and skins and rastas will gather on and hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader! Then all the grown-ups will say "why are the kids crying?" And the kids will say "Haven't you heard? Rick is dead! The People's Poet is dead! Then one particularly sensitive, articulate teenager will say "All the kids, do you understand nothing? How can Rick be dead when we have his poems?" Then another kid will say..."

"This is it! It's really happening! Who needs qualifications? Who cares about Thatcher and unemployment?
We can do just exactly what we want to do! And do you know why? Because we're young ones! Bachelor boys! Crazy, mad, wild-eyed, big-bottomed anarchists!
Look out, Cliff!!!!!
Phew...! That was close!"

How I love "The Young Ones"... I find British humour (and specially Rik Mayall's acting) captivating :)

Monday, 8 August 2011


From WIkipedia:

"Dog Days" (Latin: diēs caniculārēs, Spanish: canícula) are the hottest, most sultry days of summer. In the northern hemisphere, they usually fall between early July and early September.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Last Night on Earth

Spotting shooting stars with your friends at the woodlands, surrounded by unhealthy snacks and soft drinks, listening to Arcade Fire and lying on a concrete table, realizing that it could easily be your last night alive, because you wouldn't mind dying at that very moment... Everything was perfect, I felt so alive and so happy that if something has to go wrong, now I can handle it better knowing that there's been this special moment, which I shared with some people I'm very fond of, somewhere lost in the middle of a mountain.


Now I fully understand the meaning of that quote from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky:

"and in that moment, I swear we were infinite"

Now, I'm ready to start...

Saturday, 6 August 2011


"I'm dreamin' in the mornin', I'm dreamin' all through the night
And when I'm dreamin' I know that it's all right...

I'm dreamin' in the evening, dreamin' all through the day
And when I'm dreamin' I know that it's okay..."

Friday, 5 August 2011

Sense & Senility

"I want to be remembered when I'm dead.
I want books written about me.
I want songs sung about me.
And then hundreds of years from now,
I want episodes of my life to be played out weekly at half past nine by some great heroic actor of the age".

"Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more".

"The Bloody Murder of the Foul Prince Romero and His Enormously Bosomed Wife".

-  Edmund Blackadder
(image taken from here)


- I just don't think I see my way ahead quite as clearly as you do. Shadows.
- What?
- It's one of my stories.
We live in the shadowlands.
Sun is always shining somewhere else...
around a bend in the road...
over the brow of a hill.
- C. S. Lewis, Shadowlands (Richard Attenborough, 1993)

Mondaufgang am Meer, by Caspar David Friedrich

Thursday, 4 August 2011


That's what keeps humanity (and the world) running. Altruism is a fallacy.

Sore eyes...

Vermittler, Vermittler...

Feigling... Hinterhältig...

Es que aún no comprendo cómo puedes ser tan retorcida, tan cobarde y tan falsa. Me pone de los nervios esa falta de consideración, ese ansia de llamar la atención y ser el centro de todas las miradas.

Me molesta tanto que prefiero escribirlo en castellano para poder expresarme mejor y desahogarme un poco.

Tengo muchísimas ganas de poder dejarte atrás, y que me mires desde abajo dentro de unos años y sientas envidia, que te des cuenta de lo miserable y vacía que es tu vida y te arrepientas de no haberme mantenido, de haber sido tan despreciable conmigo y con la gente que me rodea. No vas a hacerme más daño, no pienso darte esa satisfacción, y no voy a derramar ni una sola lágrima más por algo que me hayas hecho. Me pregunto si tú alguna vez sientes algo que no sean tus propias convicciones, si alguna vez has pensado en alguien que no sea tú misma, y si alguna vez has llorado de dolor porque alguien en quien confiabas te ha traicionado, te ha dado una puñalada trapera y luego te miente a la cara quitándose culpa. Lo dudo mucho, la verdad.

Porque es así, y lo sabes. Siempre has estado vacía, y siempre lo estarás, por mucho que intentes aparentar. Toda tu vida se basa en las apariencias, en la imagen que tú quieres proyectar de ti mismo, aun sabiendo que no es la verdad. Pero a ti nunca te ha importado mucho qué es verdad y qué no, eso ya lo sabemos todos. Puede que haya pasado tiempo, pero la masa no es tonta y te conoce mejor de lo que tú crees.

Y no sólo eso, si no que además has arrastrado a otro contigo, has convertido a alguien que era inocente, buena persona y mejor amigo en una simple marioneta a tus malignas órdenes. En fin. Será cuestión de acostumbrarse de una vez.

Eso de pasar de la gente y borrar por completo a alguien que ha formado parte de mi vida de una forma intensa o continuada no se me ha dado bien nunca, pero sigo teniendo el firme propósito de conseguirlo, y que con el tiempo se convierta en una rutina más, en algo fácil y automático. Si tanta gente puede hacerlo conmigo, yo también.

Te la dedico, que sé que te gusta la buena música y se te da tan bien el inglés :)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Plain Jane and Average Joe

Wikipedia defines a Plain Jane as "a woman who has an average appearance. It can also mean an object that is unadorned or unembellished."

I've come to assume that, maybe if I'm lucky, all I can ever aspire is to be a Plain Jane. And I guess I'm content with it... I'll have to force myself to forget all those dreams of someday becoming a cultured, appealing woman, surrounded by people who admire her knowledge.

Never stand out, trying not to draw attention. Just resign yourself and keep going until it all ends.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Die Träumerin, Teil II

Und es wieder passiert...
Sie träumt mehr als das Lebens ihres Lebens. Und sie stimmt.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Die Träumerin

Träumt von Freunden, Missionen und deutschen Liedern.
Die Träumerin wird von der Baulärm geweckt, auch...
Verdammt Werk.