Monday, 26 June 2006


"Vivo tanto en mi privado mundo de esencias platónicas, que solo aparento vivir en este para los demás".

Sunday, 25 June 2006

-Che cos'è questa?

-Che cos'è questa?

-Non lo so! È... È un vecchio pezzo di legno.

 -Ma sembra simile una scatola, una scatola molto stramba...

-Guardate! Ha una cosa scritta!!


-Qui!! Io non ne posso leggere che cosa dice, aiutami.

-Hmmm... "Jirl"... "Jarl"?... "Jvrl"??

-No, "Jurl", io penso.

 -Si, "Jurl". E "Adesso Riditi Tu".

 -Èccolo! Così:


Weee! Mi primer... cosa... en italiano! (me siento orgullosa, las enseñanzas del sabio Muzzy sirven para algo después de todo!). Bueno, ya queda poquito para acabar con los exámenes. El contador va así:

-4 días para terminar los exámenes
-8 días para que el nuevo disco de mi trío de musos salga a la luz (oficialmente ;P)
-13 días para "desfase y degradación" con mi beatle-maníaco favorito
Aish. Y eso... A ver si pasa rápido esta semana, y ya pondré más cositas por aquí, que el blog se aburre, me lo ha dicho esta tarde:

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Take a Bow

MUSE - Take a Bow
(provisional title: Hex)

You corrupt
Bring corruption to all that you touch

You'll behold
And beholden for all that you've done

And spell
Cast a spell
Cast a spell on the country you run

And risk
You will risk
You will risk all their lives and their souls

And burn
You will burn
You will burn in hell
yeah You'll burn in hell
You'll burn in hell
Yeah you'll burn in hell for your sins

And our freedom's consuming itself
What we become is contrary to what we want
Take a bow

You bring death
And destruction to all that you touch

You must pay
You must pay for your crimes against the earth

Feed the hex
Feed the hex on the country you love

Yeah and beg
You will beg
You will beg for their lives and their souls

Yeah and burn
You will burn
You will burn in hell
Yeah you'll burn in hell
you'll burn in hell
Yeah you'll burn in hell
You'll burn in hell
Yeah you will burn for all your sins

Such a magnificent overture for the sequel of Absolution... :D

Hé aquí la portada del nuevo disco, que retrata a 4 tíos con calvas más que incipientes, muy probablemente jugando al dominó en la plaza de la iglesia de su pueblo xD

Friday, 9 June 2006

Kingdom Protoctista...

Sí, bueno... Maybe in a few months' time I'll read this again and I'll laugh and say "How could I have been so obssesed with a person I don't even know?", but now I can't think of anything else.

Should I make that call?

Should I forget about it all and continue my life?

Or maybe should I start a new one on my own?

But what does that special person think of me?

Am I an alcoholic brat to his eyes?

Or an enigmatic woman instead? (I wished)

Why so many changes inside my mind in so little time?

Am I going paranoid???

So many questions, and so many negative thoughts. Surely, he must have a hord of more beautiful and cultured fans behind him, he does not go unnoticed wherever he is.

It may be beautiful and even poetic that he ignores how much he is being adored right now... But there's no poetry for me.

I keep on listening to an old band and looking at a photograph taken last Saturday.

Arghhhh I'll better go to bed now.

"Confusion will be my epitaph
as I crawl a cracked and broken path.
If we make it we can all sit back and laugh...
But I fear tomorrow Ill be crying,
yes, I fear tomorrow Ill be crying
Crying... Crying...

(jo, qué depresión de canción...)
(pero me mola, ¿qué más da?)