Thursday, 28 July 2005

"Oh, really!!?!" - The dream's over

That's it, it's over. The best summer course ever in my life is just over... Maybe I'm saying this because it is quite recent, but it is more likely to be true.

This year's been the one I will never forget, as I have done whatever I wanted: to go on my own with 3 of the best friends I'll ever meet. Us, the Punk Section, formed by Punky-A, Brandon-A D., Tronca-A C. and Mor-M, have drunk everything that's drinkable, have met very nice people from Italy (my "Gigoló Latino", Alessia, Vincent the beautiful...), Scotland (Murdo, the "Sory" Glaswegian ;) ), Sweeden (XD our beloved Kirsten and Patricia :S "-Annnnnnaaaa... -No!! Annnna NO!!! ¡¡¡ERES UNA ZORRA!!!") and, of course, Spain, queued to buy Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, spent nearly every afternoon on a Starbucks, founded and disolved the Potatoholics Anonimous (as known as Patatólicas Anónimas), listened to at least 5 times a day "Oh, really!!?!" from our loving Alice, bought all the stock from Virgin Megastores and HMV's, tried Magic Mushrooms (xDDD), experienced with modern art photography and Hare Krishna religion, climbed Arthur's Seat, listened to Sergi's Japanese version of Doraemon's main theme, discovered Alba's strange obsession with seagulls and the curative properties of the Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky... Everything compiled in more than 550 photos and videos we all took in moments of complete euphoria and raving.

We have also been in the centre of loads of agitation like the G8 and all the demons it carried, the Live8 mega-concerts, the London terrorist attacks that shook all the world, etc. People who live in Edinburgh (Murdo, again ;) ) told us that that had never happened before and that was why everybody was so excited and confused.

All this intense activity was goodly combined with a great, kind and permisive leader, Ana María, who really loved our Punk-overpierced teddy bear Darby, and a lot of nice people from our Spanish group, which, hardly knowing us, opened for us their arms and bottles (XD). I hope to see them all again some day, because I know I will never meet such a good bunch of (why not?) friends.

Well, now it's time to resign and try to assume that it won't come back again, the better part of summer is gone forever but will always remain in everybody's mind.

A, A C. y A D., muchísimas gracias por este viaje tan cojonudo, sois las mejores.

HaiL THe PuNK SeCTioN!!

Thousands of muaks

Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Siempre estás allí

A esa persona que, cuando pueda conectarse de nuevo y si se aburre y se mete aquí, que sepa que no paro de escuchar "Siempre estás allí"...

Baron Rojo - Siempre Estás Allí
Llegó el final, cesó el clamor
la magia se desvaneció
tus ojos siguen fijos sobre mí.
La fría luz de un pabellón
sobre un mar de cristales rotos
y un naufrago se ahoga en un rincón.

Y mi hogar vuelve a ser
en cualquier lugar cualquier hotel,
dejo atrás la ciudad
dime tú esta noche ¿a dónde irás?
La actuación me hace vibrar
y el escenario es un volcán
que brama con sonido atronador.

Bañado por sudor y luz
te busco entre la multitud
porque yo sé que siempre estás allí.
Y mi hogar vuelve a ser
en cualquier lugar cualquier hotel,
dejo atrás la ciudad
dime tú esta noche ¿a dónde irás?

Descenderás al reino de la oscuridad
sigue buscando una escalera al cielo,
dime si habrá alguien que te espere
o solamente mientras te duermes
los ojos de tus heroes te miran
desde la pared.

Volvió el clamor, no habrá final
la magia no se romperá
todo está bien si tú estás aquí...
(y aquí viene la parte felizona que no me gusta ;P)